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Launching a series of half-day virtual seminars in collaboration with Deloitte Academy.

Infused with decision science and behavioral insights, from start to end. 



Designed to help modern professionals like yourself solve issues that hold you back at work.

We’ve picked two to start with:

Better Meetings 
Tuesday 28/11/2023

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Why this seminar?

We spend the bulk of our days in meetings, whether virtual or face-to-face, planned or spontaneous. How productive are these meetings, really? Is there a better way?

This seminar will provide participants with applicable, evidence-based practices for leading and participating in meetings that are truly productive – that is, meetings that accomplish their purpose, without resource overuse, and strengthen team motivation and job satisfaction.

Who should attend?

This seminar is ideal if you want to improve your meetings. Whether you need them to be more effective, efficient, inclusive or simply less, it provides a blueprint for you and your team.


  • Meeting madness. Why are meetings important and why, or when, do we get them wrong?

  • Before | At | After the meeting. How can we overcome the obstacles to productive meetings using knowledge  about how we make decisions and how we act?

  • Universe of Meetings. How can we commit to and implement these practical steps for ourselves and at team level?

Influence at Work
Friday 1/12/2023
Use coupon MM2023DT

Why this seminar?

In the business world, teamwork is essential. Learning how to influence and persuade others will help you do better and be happier at work, while also making a positive impact.

This seminar combines ideas from management, sales and behavioral science to teach you how to connect genuinely, talk convincingly, and motivate effectively. You'll practice through fun activities, discussions, lessons, and real-world examples to get ready for success.

Who should attend?

The seminar is ideal if you want to persuade more successfully. Whether you want to win more clients, increase your standing within your team, or promote your ideas, it provides a blueprint for successful persuasion.


  • You don’t think the way you think. Why do we agree to things we don’t want to do and how can we resist undue influence from others?

  • Influence is your superpower. How can we apply the seven universal principles of influence to win new clients and increase our standing within our organization?

  • You have more influence than you think. What more can we do in special situation such as dealing with difficult people and promoting our idea up the ranks?

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