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Helping people and organizations in deciding how to decide

Understanding how our brains decide is fascinating. There are heaps of new knowledge, constantly growing in fields such as behavioral economics and neuroscience. Few of us are taught it in formal education. We are expected to discover it on our own, as an innate ability (like a child learning to speak), when in fact decision-making is a learned skill that requires an arsenal of tools and techniques to be done well (like an Italian learning to speak Mandarin).

At meta-decisions we work to fill those gaps. We make complex decision-related things simple. We offer practical solutions to better decision-making and problem-solving through trainings and consulting. Solutions for modern managers and aspiring professionals. Solutions that work together with our cognitive pitfalls and limitations. And bring better collective results and personal growth. Pragmatic, research-backed solutions to modern world problems. 

Why is this important? Because good decision-making is the roadmap to successful, sustainable performance.

Γειά σας και καλώς ήρθατε!

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Dr. Melina Moleskis is a certified corporate trainer, researcher and professor. Her work resides in both academia and industry arenas. She performs  research on how to make good decisions and helps clients incorporate the latest scientific findings into their decision-making process. She consults, teaches and designs customized  trainings.  

She has worked in the industry for a decade+ (EY & PwC alumna) on transformative projects, with brilliant colleagues and state-of-the-art business processes and infrastructure, around the globe. This gave her a front row seat into workplace decision-making and how even the best among us can improve their process.

She holds a PhD in Managerial Decision Science from IESE Business School, completing 10,000+ hours of studying decision-making in business.

She was awarded an MBA in Strategy from NYU Stern as a Fulbright scholar and BSc in Mathematics and Economics from LSE. She is a published academic author and content creator for various news outlets such as Forbes and The Decision Lab.

Here is a list of most recent affiliations and media featuring her work: 

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