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better habits. better process. better decisions.
with decision + 
behavioral science


Hello and welcome, I'm Melina.

This website can be your path to

deciding how to decide better. 

I'm a decision and behavioral scientist, dedicated to

helping people and organizations make better decisions.

My expertise spans from tackling significant decisions

and tough problems at the workplace,

to enhancing the small, daily choices

that form our habits and routines.

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Better decisions
Better judgment
Better processes
Better solutions
Better presence
Better habits
Better you

with Melina Moleskis

Do they matter to you?

We all have blind spots in our thinking. The more rational we think we are, the more blind spots we actually have.

I combine evidence from decision science and behavioral sciences to understand when and why people make flawed decisions. And from there, how they can make better ones.


I work with individuals and organizations to help them uncover their own blind spots and decision styles. And from there, to adjust their process and habits so as to increase their decision prowess and ability to solve problems cost-effectively. ​​

​​Here's how I can help you. 

Here's how I've helped others.

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how can meta-decisions help you?


Training that stays

Debiasing training works if done right. 

If you're serious about leveling up yours or your team's decision-making, problem-solving, influence and performance, reach out to talk more.

A sneak-peek: ​Lots of behavioral science magic and brand new, practical, science-based tools that participants get to practice and take away.  


Advice that solves

Not every solution is behavioral, but most work-related problems are. They involve clients, employees or partners.

The behavioral science methodology is a scientific process that identifies not only the structural obstacles but also the cognitive and psychological barriers that might be causing problems. It helps you achieve goals cost-effectively. 

Reach out to figure out together the ways behavioral science can help.


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A by-product of my research, teaching and project work with businesses and the public sector. It curates learnings, observations and ideas into easily digestible chunks. 

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Ken, Accenture

"Melina's work in

this area of business decision-making

is top class.

Careful use of evidence, concise writing,

clear examples, actionable emphasis. Ideal way to quickly get a sense of how you can improve your organisation's decision power."

Ares, AON

"Melina stands out

for her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to

communicate effectively.

Her work on decision-making is well-researched, evidence-based,

and highly practical!

She has helped our team to make more informed and effective decisions."

Andreas, Deloitte

"Amazing to say the least!"

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